Computational Modeling and Drug Discovery

How do scientists discover drug therapies for diseases such as COVID-19? Many researchers identify potential therapies based on molecular binding affinity—the strength of pharmaceutical binding—to a protein that’s pertinent to disease progression. Historically, this has involved extensive lab work: experimental examinations of the binding affinity of each molecule. Lab work is slow and expensive. ThereContinue reading “Computational Modeling and Drug Discovery”

How are we helping?

The Open Source COVID-19 (OSC-19) research consortium is merging computer science and biochemistry to quickly, cheaply screen millions of possible drug molecules against COVID-19. The focus of the OSC-19 program is on drugs that are already approved for clinical use. That way, the possible drugs identified by OSC-19 won’t have unexpected, dangerous side effects. UnacceptableContinue reading “How are we helping?”

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