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Our COVID19 Research

Dr. Ho Leung Ng, a professor at Kansas State University, founded the global OSC-19 research consortium in March 2020. His laboratory has successful experience in computational and structure-based drug discovery projects. Dr. Ng will use this expertise to help OSC-19 succeed, and help save as many lives from COVID-19.

OSC-19’s research results will be freely available to scientists and medical practitioners around the world. There will never be intellectual property claims to any discoveries made by OSC-19. Our findings will also be useful for quickly identifying drug therapies for future viral infections.

If you are interested in joining our efforts, please send a message with your scientific background and interests. We are looking for people with drug discovery research experience. We are especially looking for synthetic chemists to make drug candidates and biochemists/virologists to perform assays. We are also looking for donors, sponsors, and people to help with publicity and fundraising.

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